Tracing Services

All the methods used by GAC Investigations Ltd. Are legal and comply with a strict moral and ethical code of practice.

For debt recovery purposes we can trace your subject for a fixed fee which will be charged on a no find no fee basis.

The ‘art’ of tracing a missing person or company might be described as in ‘inexact science’. There are no official methods, GAC Investigations use a few basic ground rules, as the ‘hunter’ they have to rely on common sense and the numerous sources of information that can be used to trace the absent debtor.

Full name date of birth and a last known address of the debtor is all that we need to locate a current residential address. No contact is made with the trace subject during our discreet local, data and investigative enquiries. We will also undertake searches of missing beneficiaries.

We report our findings by email and post normally within 2-4 days of receiving instructions,difficult assignments may take longer and for these we aim to complete within 28 days all for a fixed fee, and on a No find no fee basis.

We use several sources for our information, including

  • Vast Databases
  • Local Knowledge
  • Word of mouth
  • Door Knocks

“Garrey & Mandi are highly respectable, reliable and successful field agents, who provided a professional and successful service in tracing, asset and vehicle repossession, process serving and other field investigations. Extremely pleasant and friendly people who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to employ field agents in the south west”Dave Cambell, October 2010

The Importance of Confirmed Tracing

Millions of £’s are written off every year because confirmed tracing is not being carried out. A computer cannot guarantee and confirm a subjects location, it will merely point you in a direction, and not always the right one.

The most common response that a Creditor will receive is “return to sender, “gone away” or “not known at this address”.

Below are some examples that highlight the importance of having confirmed tracing carried out on all subjects (personal info has been changed for data protection purposes).

Subject: Mr Smith – reply to Creditor – “not known at this address” (subjects daughter claimed it was her property)

“The information supplied by GAC Investigations is correct: Mr Smith does reside at the traced address 97 The Avenue. This address is not his daughters address though she may reside there. Mr Smith has recent credit activity at the premises and has been associated to his wife Mrs Smith since 2006. There is no evidence of the subjects’ daughter residing at the premises. We suspect that his daughter is under the age of 17, thus why she does not appear on any UK databases that have been searched. The call that you received would appear to be a deliberate attempt to conceal the debtors true whereabouts”. Neighbouring enquiries confirmed the continued residency of Mr Smith.

Result: successful collection.

Subject: Miss Lisa Jones – reply to Creditor – “return to sender”

“The information supplied by GAC Investigations is correct. Your subject is Miss Lisa Jones, also known as Ms Lisa Davies. She is registered with credit databases at both the supplied address 3A The Grove and the traced address 60 The Vale with the same DOB 12.10.1976. She is also on the correct electoral roll at the traced address, her neighbour also confirmed her residence, this is 100% the correct debtor”.

Result: successful collection.

Subject: Helen White – reply to Creditor – “not known at this address” returned by a Miss Ramsey.

“The information supplied by GAC Investigations is correct. Your subject Helen White is in fact the step mother of Miss Ramsey. Both the subject and Miss Ramsey previously resided at 101 The Hill, Notts, NG8 2FE. After further investigation it would appear that Ms Helen White has used 107 Garden Road for credit purposes only when in fact she is still residing at 101 The Hill. She resides with a Mr Stephen Ramsey, this has also been confirmed by 2 of Ms White’s neighbour’s”.

Result: successful collection.

These examples highlight the importance of human intervention. This information categorically will not be provided by a database. This additional information gives the Creditor 100% confidence to proceed, guaranteeing increased collection rates.

Re-check rates are on the increase due to recent government changes in legislation regarding the ways Creditor’s collect revenues placing further emphasis on the importance of having confirmed tracing carried out on all subjects.