We can offer our services to carry out surveillance on a subject without the high costs.

The word surveillance is the French word for ‘watching over’. It is monitoring the behavior / activities of an individual and done in a surreptitious manner. The word surveillance is applied to observation from a distance.

We can offer our services to carry out surveillance on a subject without the high costs.

We do not sit for hours on end charging by the hour – unless you really want us too – waiting for your subject to make a move or not as the case maybe!

However by predicting a targets movements/habits or routines we can cut down on the time and cost of expensive surveillance. To this end we use trackers at a fraction of the cost to provide the details of movements and routines.

Physical surveillance is time consuming and costly with no guarantees of a result, there is always the chance that the operative looses the target or is compromised. On the other hand if your final report was to include speed, direction of travel, the address and length of stay, surely this would provide more comprehensive evidence of potential wrong doing.

It is not just matrimonial problems that need this type of operation as business users find it useful to track unscheduled journeys or stops. This method has also been used as a preventative method in parental child abduction cases. The tracking can be done in real time or a report provided at the end of the tracking period.

Imagine being able to predict your subjects movements so that if photographic evidence is required those photographs can be taken at the right time and place without the need for costly surveillance.

Our surveillance operatives are all experienced ex armed forces or ex police and all hold the relevant qualifications.

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“I would highly recommend Mandi & Garry at GAC. I have used their services to serve legal documents in their geographical area for many years and find they are experts at what they do. No fuss, no issues just fantastic results every time.”John Moses, November 2011